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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 Home Leaning Projects!


Our projects this term are based on the Ancient Maya people. Please scroll down the page to learn more about this fascinating culture... Enjoy!


Ahmed has made a fantastic and extremely colourful Ancient Maya mask. These types of Mask's were firstly used in battles for protection, however they became extremely popular with fancy occasions such as weddings and birthday's. Well done Ahmed !

AD Ancient Maya Mask

Aws has made a very detailed and extremely colourful Ancient Maya mask. The mask Aws has made would have been typically used for celebrations, such as weddings and birthdays. Also, they would have been worn by the Maya men.

AH Year 5 Ancient Maya Mask

April has beautifully drawn and designed a colourful Maya mask. Her design was worn by the female guests at weddings and large celebrations. Well done April!

AP Ancient Maya Masks

Gillian has designed and researched about the Ancient Maya Masks that would have been worn by the God and Goddesses. Well done Gillian and great research!

GG Maya Masks and Research - Gods and Goddesses

Jack has created a very detailed Mayan people mask. His masks represents when the Mayan people used their masks in battles. Well done Jack!

JL Year 5 Maya Culture Mask

Ancient Maya Temples

RP Ancient Maya Temple


Mahdi has made a 'Fun Fact File' for the Mayan Culture, take a look to learn some new facts!

MS Fun Fact File

Kai made a leaflet full of the important facts about the Mayan people. This east to use guide is perfect for people are visiting the area in South America or need the interesting information. Well done Kai!

KPS Mayan People Leaflet

SB has created a fantastic fact file on the key parts of the Mayan culture. 

SB Mayan Fact File

Nathalie has made a very interesting presentation on 'Jade and The Mayan People'. A very clear and well thought out presentation. Nathalie has guided us through the use and the significance of Jade... please have a listen!

NM Jade Presentation

Arthur's Mayan Cooking Master Class!!!

AC Master Cooking Master Class

Mayan Culture Fashion

CM Mayan Fashion

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