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Home Learning

Knowledge Organisers/Planners


Please find the knowledge organisers within the relevant subject areas below.


These are useful to help the children better understand key vocabulary and terminology. They are age appropriate and an essential tool to build upon learning in the classroom and commit knowledge into the long term memory. 


We will quiz the children on these weekly. (Topic learnt the previous week)


Weekly Home Learning


Home learning will be uploaded every Wednesday. This will consist of:


  • (Spelling tests will fall on a Monday)
  • Mathletics
  • A snippet of the Geography/Science/SPaG knowledge planners for children to learn
  • Daily reading - at least 20 minutes a day




Dear Parents/Guardians,


Happy blessed New Year!

The children have all settled back in well and are Going for Gold with their learning!

Well done class.


Please note that Parents Evening will be taking place next week Monday and Tuesday via Teams only. 

Please use the school's booking system to secure your appointment !



PE is now timetabled on a Thursday



Happy Learning :)






Spelling rule:

Words with the /ey/ sound spelt ei/eigh/ey














Please write a sentence for each of the ten/five words in your home Learning book - not on the same page as your spelling test page. Thank you.


Please practise everyday to ensure your chances of passing on Monday.

Keep up the good work!


*Children have already been notified if they are to learn only five spellings.  This will also be indicated in Home Learning book.











  • Similes







  • Expanded noun phrases


Expanded noun phrases tell you more about the noun. 


determiner  + adjective + noun


determiner + adjective , adjective + noun    (separate adjectives with a comma)





  •  Dialogue 






Key Questioning:


What is sound?


• Describe what sound waves are

• Describe how we see sounds

• Explain how we can stop sound

  • Click on the link below to watch the video we watched in class!






    Stuck in Home Learning books - length and perimeter

    Children will need rulers to complete their work.




    Key Questioning:

    1. How do we know about the Shang Dynasty?


       2. How did the Shang Dynasty begin?

    • Who the first leader of the Shang was. 
    • How the Shang civilisation was so successful.








    Please familiarise yourself with tune we will be learning for the week ahead.




    Notes on a stave











    This week our attendance has dropped... please ensure your child attends school on time every day... any sickness absence must be reported to school by 9am...


    Class of the Week

    • Year 2 98.1%

    Current Totals

    • Nursery 81.0%
    • Reception 80.9%
    • Year 1 94.3%
    • Year 2 98.1%
    • Year 3 96.4%
    • Year 4 95.6%
    • Year 5 97.2%
    • Year 6 97.2%

    Overall School

    • Weekly: 96.1% Year to date: 95.0%

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    Class Points

    • Nursery
    • Reception
    • Year 1 - Flamingo
    • Year 2 - Kingfisher
    • Year 3 – Quetzal
    • Year 4 - Phoenix
    • Year 5 - Hummingbird
    • Year 6 – Sisserou