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Good morning Reception! It has been so lovely to see what you are looking forward to next year. We will miss you so much but will be so proud to see you going into year one wearing your brand new uniforms :-)


Have fun with today's learning challenges :-)

Maths Challenge: Day 3 - How many Legs?

Addition on a tens frame 'groups of'

End of Year Review: Can you recall your funniest moment at school?


Miss Bishop:

It was so funny when we had our 'around the world drama workshop' and we pretended we were waking up a crocodile in the swamp haha. We tricked the crocodile into thinking we were trees.


Mrs Walsh: 

It was so funny when we all dressed up for world book day. I thought your costumes were out of this world. We enjoyed seeing your faces painted and seeing that some of you had even grown a tail.


Phonics Lesson: Lesson 11 Year 1 'u_e for tube'

Physical Challenge: Cosmic Kids 'Yoga Disco'

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  • Year 5 93.6%

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  • Nursery 84.6%
  • Reception 93.5%
  • Year 1 88.1%
  • Year 2 86.7%
  • Year 3 90.0%
  • Year 4 90.0%
  • Year 5 93.6%
  • Year 6 88.9%

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  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1 - Flamingo
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  • Year 3 – Quetzal
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  • Year 5 - Hummingbird
  • Year 6 – Sisserou