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Stars of the Week

Class attendance of the week


Our winners of the attendance trophy this week are:



Year 5 - 100%

Stars of the Week

Each week, we nominate 2 children from each class for recognition of how they are upholding our vision and values.


1 child is nominated for showing one of our values

1 child is nominated for showing how they apply these values to their learning.


We call these children our Stars of the Week.

 Star for LearningStar for Values
Year 1Lucyanah - For showing perseverance in her learning. Lucyanah has been working hard to practise her fractions during maths this week. She even helped her friends when they needed support.Michael - for persevering to get 5 stars on his behaviour chart. He has also been helping his teachers by holding doors and organising phonics resources.
Year 2Eva - Eva has been making great progress across all subjects, in particular English and Maths. In English, Eva used expanded noun phrases to create a detailed image of a setting, entertaining the reader. In Maths, Eva has been confidently showing her knowledge of 3-digit numbers and plotting them on a number line. Well done Eva!Ditjon - for showing perseverance in his learning. This week, YEar 2 have been doing their SATs tests, which has been a challenge. However, Ditjon tried his best in answering every question and did not give up. Well done Ditjon! Keep it up!
Year 3Tabarak - For giving learning her best in Maths. Tabarak has been working well telling the time to the nearest hour and has demonstrated a good understanding of the part-whole relationships in fractions and applying this to real life situations. Well done. Keep it up!Ryan - For being reflective and owning his choices. Ryan has made a conscious effort to be more mindful during lesson time, taking responsibility for his words and actions in a mature manner. Well done!
Year 4Ahn-Am - during a recently visit to the Mandir, Ahn-Am payed attention all through the visit. She used what she learned to write a very good report in her Big Write!Aziz - For showing friendship and compassion and for Going for GOLD with faith. On a school trip, one of Aziz's classmates was scared to go down a large slide. Seeing this, Aziz comforted and encouraged them until they gave it a go. Well done Aziz!
Year 5Sara - for giving learning her best. Sara independently wrote her own Ernest Shackleton biography at home along with a great drawing of the great explorer!Mehak - For showing wisdom. Mehak always gives learning her best. She participated in a very critical thinking discussion on the Industrial revolution with Mr. Veater.
Year 6Mustaffa, Jad S, Zaki, Adam, Jad B - for showing wisdom and perseverance. This week has been a great learning week for these boys. They have shown maturity and we hope this continues for the remainder of Year 6. They wrote a persuasive letter to Mr. Kelly. They worked well together and chose to write the letter in their lunch play. If they continue in this level of maturity and learning, they will certainly reap the rewards!

Bronze, Silver and Gold star winners


Current standings:


Y3Mason, Mina, Kareem, Safi  
Y4Eron, Belal, Ayaah, Omar, Yoval  



The 144 Club







Year 2




Year 3

Mishal, Hussein



Year 4

Ahn-Am, Sienna, Martha (20.01.22)

Lorena (25.02.22)

Omar, Belal, Sham, Ope, Aziz (20.01.22)

Leen, Ayaah, Noah (25.02.22)

Martha, Bayan (17.03.22)

Sariya (29.04.22)

Yoval (20.01.22)

Ope (04.02.22)

Shaam, Eron, Omar (25.02.22)

Year 5




Year 6

Dafina, Farin, Princess (25.11.21)

Ryan, Mustaffa, Dafina, Imaan, Taleen (04.02.22)

Zainab (06.05.22)

Haifa, Princess, Jad B (04.02.22)

Ryan, Mustaffa, Mikun (06.05.22)

Sheldon, Lacey, Adam, Ain, Abdul, Haifa, Princess, Mariam, Habibur, Farin, Leah, Jad S, Zaki, Marianna, Elias (06.05.22)


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Class of the Week

  • Year 5 100%

Current Totals

  • Nursery 81.1%
  • Reception 88.8%
  • Year 1 86.2%
  • Year 2 98.9%
  • Year 3 99.5%
  • Year 4 97.1%
  • Year 5 100%
  • Year 6 78.1%

Overall School

  • Weekly: 92.1% Year to date: 94.1%

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Class Points

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1 - Flamingo
  • Year 2 - Kingfisher
  • Year 3 – Quetzal
  • Year 4 - Phoenix
  • Year 5 - Hummingbird
  • Year 6 – Sisserou