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Stars of the Week

Class attendance of the week


Our winners of the attendance trophy this week are:



Year 3 - 99.4%

Stars of the Week

Each week, we nominate 2 children from each class for recognition of how they are upholding our vision and values.


1 child is nominated for showing one of our values

1 child is nominated for showing how they apply these values to their learning.


We call these children our Stars of the Week.


Golden Learning

Golden value

Year 1

Emanuely - Emanuely has been working very hard these last few weeks, especially in maths. She has been focusing and getting her work done and doesn’t let other things around her distract her  .

Donya - Donya has been persevering with her learning; when she finds something tricky she doesn’t let it stop her. Keep up the great work  

Year 2

Helvio - Helvio has been preserving in his handwriting by putting effort in class and in his home learning handwriting book. Helvio has been practising everyday and is eager to have the best handwriting in our class by the end of the year. Keep it up! 

Victoria - Wisdom and compassion - Victoria is a kind and friendly member of Year 2, who is a great role model. Victoria has been chosen for wisdom and compassion because she always makes the right choice. When some children are not making the right choices, such as talking when they should be listening, she kindly approaches them and reminds them our classroom rules.   

Year 3

Umar - For giving learning his best.  Umar has worked very hard across all subjects this week especially in English - presenting his work to a high standard. He used a great range of fronted adverbials in his written work to explain where and in which manner events took place. Great work!

Yasmin - For showing Wisdom and Respect.  Yasmin is showing great maturity by owing her own choices through self reflection which has and being able to manage her emotions when times get tough.  This is lovely to see Yasmin, well done!

Year 4

Ditela - asking thought provoking questions & giving extended answers

Manessa - friendship. For always helping friends in need 

Year 5

Ephraim - Took the initiative to stay in at break time and finished off his History . Well done! 

Belal - Wisdom- Belal has shown wisdom and read the whole of our class text and is onto the second book . Amazing! Clearly you have a love for reading. Keep it up as READING is the key to SUCCESS! 

Year 6

Khaled - Always making the right choices regardless of what is happening around him.  

Zahra - Compassion and Friendship: Without being asked by an adult, Zahra Offered a helping to a friend during Year 6 Booster.


Bronze, Silver and Gold Star winners


These children have been consistently Going for GOLD with faith and have reached the maximum number of daily stars to earn their badges:






Year 1




Year 2




Year 3

Kobe, Mardeen, Ahmed



Year 4




Year 5

Lara, Sienna, Ayaah, Shaam, Sariya, Trey, Yoval, Lorenna, Martha, Zahrina



Year 6

Mehak, Sara, Arwa, Lama



The 144 Club







Year 2




Year 3

Mina, Ali

Mardeen, Fatima, Luke (20.10.22)

Ahmed (04.11.22)

Umar, Stanley (11.11.22)

Yasmin (18.11.22)

Maisie, Vikentyij (03.03.23)

Harry,  Kodey, Kamel, Safi, Noah, Mason 


Kobe (04.11.22)

Ahmed (11.11.22)

Ali (18.11.22)

Fatima, Mardeen (25.11.22)

Luke, Sila (03.03.23)

Manessa*, Ali*, Ryan*, Mishal, Ditela, Alaia, Amelio


Year 4

Ahn-Am, Sienna, Martha (20.01.22)

Lorena (25.02.22)

Omar, Belal, Sham, Ope, Aziz (20.01.22)

Leen, Ayaah, Noah (25.02.22)

Martha, Bayan (17.03.22)

Sariya (29.04.22)

Lara (01.07.22)

Yoval (20.01.22)

Ope (04.02.22)

Shaam, Eron, Omar (25.02.22)

Leen, Sariya, Bayan (24.06.22(

Year 5




Year 6

Dhuha (04.11.22)

Mongia, Mehak, Arwa, Tyler (20.10.22)

Aymaan, Harley (04.11.22)

Joba, Giovanna, Jessica (11.11.22)

Jayden, Lucas (25.11.22)

Lama (11.11.22)

Sara, Khaled (18.11.22)

Erona,Anjola, Arwa, Aymaan, Mehak (25.11.22)

Joba, Mongia, Jessica, Tyler (02.12.22)


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Class of the Week

  • Year 3 99.4%

Current Totals

  • Nursery 81.4%
  • Reception 91.9%
  • Year 1 92.6%
  • Year 2 95.2%
  • Year 3 99.4%
  • Year 4 97.4%
  • Year 5 95.1%
  • Year 6 97.2%

Overall School

  • Weekly: 95.9% Year to date: 94.5%

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Class Points

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1 - Flamingo
  • Year 2 - Kingfisher
  • Year 3 – Quetzal
  • Year 4 - Phoenix
  • Year 5 - Hummingbird
  • Year 6 – Sisserou