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Governors Video Message - June 2021


Dear Parents,

Please click on the link below to access a video of important messages from our school Governors.

Christchurch Brondesbury C of E Primary School                           A Message to Families  from the Governors  - 31st March 2021


Dear Parents and Carers ,


As we come to the end of another very challenging term where the school had to shut its doors once again to the majority of pupils, we would like to thank you for supporting your children and making sure that they engaged so well with their learning at home, or, if they were attending on site that they came to school regularly and worked well. We know how difficult it was at times but parental support is so important to a child’s long-term progress and success and is much appreciated by the staff.


It was wonderful to hear from Mr Kelly that the children settled back so quickly and  happily when they returned to school on 8th March. We know that all their teachers and teaching assistants were delighted to see their classes again face to face and to feel the school come back to life.  We know  that in the summer term the school will be focusing on building on this positive start and helping your children to make excellent progress.


During the pandemic the governors have not been able to visit the school in person but we have continued to conduct our meetings online and have had very regular and detailed reports from the Senior Team on all that has been happening. We know that the staff have worked tirelessly all year to adapt to new demands and develop high quality resources for their classes, provide a safe environment and to make contact with the children and their families during the lockdowns. This has been possible because we are a small school with a very strong family and community ethos, where every individual is valued and encouraged to be the best that they can be.  


As soon as we are allowed, governors will be coming in for short visits and hope to have the opportunity to hear from parents and pupils about their experiences of online learning and the return to school. Just after the Easter holidays a small group of governors will join me in making a short video presentation for the website to ask for your support in some key projects as we move forward into what we hope will be more settled and normal times. Do look out for it !


In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Easter holiday and a safe return to school next term.

Best Wishes,


Alison  Schulte , Chair of Governors (On behalf of the Governing Board).

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