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Early Years Foundation Stage


Hello Kookaburra and Penguin Class,         


It has been so lovely seeing all of your fantastic learning that you have been doing at home. We will be posting activities on this page that you can all have a go at as you wish. There will be; creative, understanding of the world, being imaginative, technological and Mrs Cullinane's Garden activities. We would love to see the activities and challenges you get involved in, so remember to show us on: smiley


Choosing Time:

As a lot of our learning is done through play in EYFS, it is important that you spend quality time playing with your child each day. Remind your child of our rules –


Talk as you play to encourage your child to tell you what they are doing and what you need to do to next. Draw pictures of any models you make, or take a photo/video of your child playing. You can show us what you have been doing in you play by uploading on to Tapestry.

Types of play include: train sets, cars (can you make a road, houses and shops to drive around? Add animals, dolls, even tins or cereal boxes from the cupboard to create a town), playing with cups and bowls in the bath, painting, drawing. It is important to keep up with physical exercise even though we’re not in school.


We look forward to seeing your learning.

Stay safe. Have fun.

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The World

Science Experiments

1.Rain Cloud Experiment / Colour mix


2.Rainbow Experiment   


3. Egg Experiments

Mrs Cullinane's Garden

Mrs Cullinane has been out in her garden and seen many different kinds of animals and insects. She has found one insect that she isn't sure about........ Can you help her to find out what the insect is called?


Please post your photos and videos onto Tapestry if you find out what the insect is. We really want to know. You might need to do some research online or look in some books. Maybe ask an adult if they have ever seen an insect that looks like this one before.

The Mystery Insect- Do you know what it is?

The Mystery Insect- Do you know what it is? 1

Cooking Activities

1. Fruit Caterpillar

2. Easter Egg Nest Buns


1. Fruit Caterpillar

Still image for this video

2. Egg Nests Recipe

Creative Activities

Instruction Based Creative Activities

1. Bunny Envelope

2. Sensory Easter Bottle

3. Cardboard Tube Blossom Tree

4. Fabric Rainbow

5. Mini-beast Pebbles

6. Yoghurt Pot Frogs


Online Creative Activities 

1. Musical Instruments

2. Origami Caterpillar Race

Links to Online Creative Activities

Paint Activities

1. Folding Paint Butterfly

2. Cotton Wool and Cotton Bud Spring Trees

3. Finger painting ideas

1. Folding paint Butterfly

Still image for this video

People and Communities

Picture 1
Picture 1

Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Easter Egg Printing Idea

Easter Egg Printing Idea 1


Make and Colour Online Game

Make and Colour Online Game 1

Physical Development

Cosmis Kids- Enzo the Bee

Cosmis Kids- Enzo the Bee 1
Picture 1

Finger Gym activities

Finger Gym activities 1
Picture 1

Chocolate Playdough Recipe

Please look at the 'Children' - 'Extra Remote Learning Resources' tab for R.E. learning to be completed by 12th April...


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