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National Tutoring Programme

Year 3 NTP groups


HusseinAliAmelioTuesday 6pm
ManessaSafiur Wednesday 6pm
MishalAlaia Wednesday 4pm
KamelKareem Wednesday 5.15pm
NoahJana Thursday 4.30pm
MinaRyan Friday 5.15pm
Venice  Tuesday 4.30pm


Year 4 NTP groups


NoahAyaahOmarTuesday 6pm
OpeSophiaAzizFriday 5.15pm
SariyaIbrahim Thursday 6pm
ShaamAhn-AmLeenThursday 5.30pm
AdamAllenZahrinaWednesday 4.30pm
Maya  Friday 4.15pm
AbdelraoufTreyLorenaThursday 5pm
SiennaLaraYovalWednesday 5.30pm
BayanMarthaBelalTuesday 6pm


Dear Parents,


As part of our Home Learning Programme, our children will be accessing 15 hours of online tuition in Maths and English (7.5 hours of each subject) over the next term.


We would like this tuition to start as soon as possible in order for our children to benefit from the extra programme.


The tuition will take place after school online in groups of 3 and will be hosted by our tuition partner, Ranstad.

We will inform you of your child's tuition session time when we have everyone signed up.

Each group of 3 children will be taught by a qualified teacher using Ranstad's online teaching tool. This has been designed in order to make access as simple as possible.


If necessary, our school can loan your family a Chromebook for the duration of the tuition - please enquire at the office about this.


In order for the tuition to go ahead, we need all parents to agree to sign the online agreement form.


Your teacher will ask you for the details below and we will sign the form on your behalf, so that all forms are signed in time for tuition to start.


As soon as all information is collected, we will inform you of when the online tutoring will start for the children.


Randstad Tuition consent form


To sign the form you will be asked to fill out some details including:

The name of the school - Christ Church (Brondesbury) C of E Primary School 

The child's name

Your (parent's) name

Your email address

Your (mobile)  telephone number


After this, please confirm you are happy with the terms and conditions.


Many thanks for your support,

Mr. Kelly

Troubleshooting - problems accessing NTP


You would have already received the Bramble link from your child's tutor, please remember to check your spam folder also. If you still cannot find it, please get in touch with .

The link you received is a personalised link which you will use for all sessions going forward. It is important you familiarise yourself with this platform before the sessions, please refer to my initial confirmation email to you for the tutorial link:


It is in the best interest of your child that these sessions go through this platform. This is because:

  • you don't need to download anything on your computer in order to access the platform (as you would with other platforms); all you need to do is input your email address, everything is online
  • the sessions are recorded for safeguarding purposes
  • there is only one personalised link to use for all sessions, you don't have to worry about keeping an eye on your emails for a new link each week
  • your child can access these sessions up to 12 months after the session has taken place, for revision purposes ensuring they receive more than the 15 initial tuition hours allocated


If you have any trouble at all with the platform:

  1. Email with a screenshot and they will be happy to help you. Please feel free to copy me in this email
  2. Ensure your laptop doesn't have any outstanding updates
  3. Delete the cookies in your computer and try to access the platform again
  4. Close all other open tabs, windows, folders etc in your laptop so you can increase its speed
  5. Ensure that your internet is working, perhaps move the laptop as close as you can to the internet source for a better signal
  6. Disconnect all other devices from wifi (phone, tablet, TV etc) for the time the tuition takes place (including Netflix and any other streaming devices


Please take time to familiarise yourself with the platform before the sessions take place and help us deliver the best support your children deserve.




There will be times when your child might not be able to attend the sessions for different reasons which is more than understandable. If this happens, please ensure you get in touch with the tutor and give them 24 hours notice where possible. If you do not provide the tutor with this 24 hours notice, your child will miss out on that hour tuition unfortunately.

We understand that sometimes life happens and the 24 hours notice is not always possible, this is just a kind reminder for you to provide this when you can.


Lastly, just a kind reminder that an adult needs to be present in the house when the session is taking place. If this does not happen, unfortunately your child will be asked to leave the meeting. This is a safeguarding issue and it's done to protect your child. Just to confirm, the adult does not have to be on camera during the session, our tutors will ask if an adult is present - as long as the answer is "yes", the session can continue as usual.

Don't forget to register your child for Free school Meals... see our page under the Parents tab for details, contact 0208 937 3110 or log into to register...


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