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Excerpt from our SIAMS Inspection, May 2023


Christ Church Primary School is a good Church school, where the headteacher leads with compassion, wisdom and integrity. At its heart is its Christian vision of ‘going for gold with faith’. A set of well-understood Christian values such as respect, perseverance, friendship and forgiveness link closely with the vision. This is a multi-cultural school where Christian love radiates from staff and where all beliefs are greatly respected. Parents of all faiths and worldviews value the Christian vision that nurtures their children to be the best they can be. Governors understand the needs of the school and readily refer to the vision in order for everyone to excel. It is considered in discussions and decisions, including financial spending, to shape development plans and actions. The Christian ethos committee is effective at monitoring the vision and the work of the school as a Church school.

Christ Church Pupil supports a younger child from another school!


13th May 2022


My name is *****, I am a TA at Stonebridge Primary School.

On Thursday 12th May, Our Year 1s had a trip to Queens Park alongside some of your students.

Our core values for our school are Consideration, Attitude (Positive), Respect and Resilience.

One of our students struggled to get on the tyre swing. A Year 4 girl from your school, without hesitation, assisted our student, showing all of our core values.

Whilst our student wanted to give up, your student persevered, encouraged, guided and supported her.

I believe it was her fourth attempt before she grasped it and your student stood by her side.

I just wanted to thank her and to inform you how well she represented your school.

Thank you.

Message of thanks from departing family


Dear Mr. Kelly,

We would like to thank you very much for everything you did for *** & me. We are extremely grateful for all the efforts you and your team make continuously to deliver outstanding standards. 

I really appreciate the culture and values of the school.

We wish you all the best!

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