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Routine Immunisations



NHS North West London

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4th July 2023


Dear Parents,

We all want to keep our children safe and protected from serious illness. This is why we are asking you to support a focus on encouraging parents in North West London to ensure that their child is up to date on their routine immunisation course. The summer holidays are a good opportunity to catch up on any outstanding vaccinations before children return to school and start mixing again.


Vaccination rates have been falling in London, which was further exacerbated during the pandemic. We need to maintain a high level of vaccine uptake across the population to reduce the risk of outbreaks and the potentially serious impacts on children’s health.


Since February we have seen an increase in the number of cases of measles across North West London which may develop into life-threatening illnesses such as meningitis and pneumonia.


Booking a vaccine over the summer


Any children in London who are not up to date with their routine vaccinations can book one over the summer holidays.


Where do I get my child’s vaccine?


Your child can get their routine vaccinations at their GP surgery.


The NHS has also been contacting the parents of children who are not fully vaccinated to book an appointment at their GP practice or to access them at specialist community clinics in your local area. These will continue over the summer.


• For more information on childhood diseases e.g. measles: Health A to Z - NHS (

• NHS vaccination schedule: NHS vaccinations and when to have them - NHS (

• Why vaccines are safe and effective: Why vaccination is safe and important - NHS (


If you have any queries or require further information please contact


Thank you for your support.

Yours faithfully,

NHS North West London Immunisations Team

Flu Vaccinations






Dear Parent Carer,


Child Flu Vaccination


Flu can be really horrible for children, and the flu virus spreads easily especially amongst younger children in enclosed spaces like the classroom. For children with existing health conditions there is a higher risk of serious illness that could lead to hospitalisation.


As temperatures fall again in the coming weeks, getting vaccinated against flu gives your child that vital extra protection from this dangerous virus which spreads more easily in colder weather when we spend more time with friends and family indoors.


All primary school children (from Reception year up to Year 6) are eligible for a free flu nasal spray. The nasal spray is quick and painless, and most children will be able to get it at their school. If you have missed your child’s school vaccination, it’s not too late – you can still get a flu vaccine from your GP if your child has a long term health condition and is in the ‘at risk’ category or your local School Aged Immunisation Service as per the details below.


Visit or search ‘NHS child flu vaccine’ for more information.


Yours faithfully,

Susan Elden

Consultant in Public Health

Senior Immunisation Lead

NHS England

Wellington House

133-155 Waterloo Road



Contact for Immunisation programme:

CNWL - 01895 485 740


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