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Rail, Road & River safety

Rail Safety


Following the death of a young boy on the railway, his parents launched a rail safety campaign, featuring this advert below to teach young people about the dangers:

Harrison's story.

⚠️ The railway has many hidden dangers. Harrison was only playing football with his friends. He didn't expect the electricity to jump. ⚡ Know the risks, make the right decisions and stay away from railway lines: ➡️ #YouVSTrain #Safety

In order to keep children safe, Network Rail (the company who own and maintain Britain's rail network) have produced a set of resources for children to access, including online games. The resources can be accessed by clicking on the links above.


Important: Please watch the video above and look at the resources provided to teach your children about not playing on or near railway tracks.




Road Safety


Have a look at this very informative video from Twinkl about staying safe on the road.

The video talks about

  • driving or riding in a vehicle
  • being a passenger in a vehicle
  • walking beside a road
  • crossing a road

Road Safety - Twinkl

In this video, Twinkl teacher Miss Flower talks about how we can stay safe around roads. If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to like it and subscribe to our channel. You can also follow us on social media, for more creative ideas and top tips.

River and Canal Safety


The video below from The Canal and River Trust is a useful tool to help children develop and understand rules about how to be safe near water.

As we live in a city with a large river (The Thames) and close to a canal (Regents Canal / Grand Union Canal) it is important that we teach the children how to be safe.

Stay safe near water

Learning to be safe near water is an important part of a child's education. This film helps children to understand water safety rules, how to be safe near water and how to help in an emergency. For more water safety resources visit the Explorers website:

Another way to learn how to be safe near water is to learn how to swim.

Here at school, our Key Stage 2 children have swimming lessons from Year 4 - Year 6.


  • Autumn Term - Year 4
  • Spring Term - Year 5
  • Summer Term (after SATs) - Year 6


With this in mind, why not book some swimming lessons for your children (and perhaps for yourself... it's never too late)?


Places to learn near us are: (click on the icons to link to websites)


Willesden Sports CentreThe Maqam CentreVale Farm Sports Centre


Don't forget to register your child for Free school Meals... see our page under the Parents tab for details, contact 0208 937 3110 or log into to register...


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