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Christ Church 130th Birthday celebrations

On Friday 29th November 2019, Christ Church (Brondesbury) CE Primary School celebrated our 130th Birthday celebrations, our school having been opened in 1889 as an Infant school on Willesden Lane.

Please see below for what a fabulous and fun day we had to celebrate together.

Thanksgiving & Worship


Our day started at 10am with a Thanksgiving worship service hosted by Mother Christine and Bishop Pete Broadbent of Willesden.

Our Year 6 children had written reflections on their time at Christ Church, thinking about what they had to be thankful for and how they learned to be Going for GOLD with faith.

Other children wrote some lovely intercession prayers, to pray for our children, families, staff and community at this time of celebration.


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Memories and prayers




I joined the school when I was in Year 5.

I couldn’t say very much in English.

By listening to Miss Makatin and through working outside with Miss Fussell and Nicole I started to learn more and more English.

Now I am in Year 6 and I did an amazing piece of work that made me the Star of the Week. This piece of writing was about William and Marjorie from the book Treason. I wrote about the time William was sad because his brother was killed by the terrifying ocean.

Miss Sutherland read my writing and she loved it so much that I took it to Mr Kelly’s office and read it. I also read it in front of assembly.


This memory makes me thankful for the teachers who helped me to learn to speak, read and write so well in English.


And now everyone is calling me a superstar.






When I was in Year 5 in maths we were doing word problems. There was a problem which I found really difficult.

I put my hand up to Miss Makatin to tell her I can’t do it.

Miss Makatin said, “If you try you’ll get it right.”

I said “I can’t it is too hard.”

Miss Makatin replied “Persevere!”

I said “Ok, I will give it a try.”

I tried my hardest and persevered and managed to finish the word problem. When I finished, I gave my book to Miss Makatin and she ticked it, showing me that I got it right!

I felt relieved and fresh because I learned that when I persevere, I can get it right.


I am thankful for Miss Makatin telling me to persevere and encouraging me to try my hardest. Miss Makatin also believed that I could do it.

This made me feel really proud and reminded me that in Going for GOLD with faith, I have to love myself as God loves me and I have to Give learning my best.





When I first joined Christ Church I was very shy and did not have any friends. A few days after joining I met a girl called C who was kind and playful.

She helped me by being my partner for trips and by playing with me at playtime.

By having a partner for a trip, this gave me my first smile at this school.

As I grew up I met another special person who was also more than just a best friend. In fact, I now think of C and E as sisters to me.

Now I am in Year 6 and I have had a fantastic journey at Christ Church as I met new friends, too many to mention, who are all still here.

I am very proud of all my friends and what they have achieved, especially E who was chosen by the other pupils to be our Head Girl.

I am really thankful not only to all my friends, but to all of the people who made this school better and help me not only to survive, but to thrive and be the best I can be here at Christ Church.

I think we have shown we are Going for GOLD with faith as all of these people have shown me that they Love their neighbour (me) as they love themselves.





Dear Lord,

Thank you for this wonderful school and for all the people here who care for us.

Please bless all the people in the whole community and forgive anyone who has made a wrong choice. Help us all to stay on your path.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer




Dear father in heaven,

Thank you for all our teachers here at school and all the time that they spend for us.  They try their best to help us learn and eventually pass our SATs.

Bless all of our teachers and care for them. Help them to understand how much they mean to us.

Teach us to show them how much love and support they have given to us to continue our lives.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer



Dear God,

Thank you for taking care of the pupils during these years and helping them through their learning.

Help all the pupils at Christ Church to be successful in whatever they do and to keep Going for GOLD with faith forever.

Lord in your mercy,

Hear our prayer

History of the School


Our Worship service was followed by a short history of Victorian Education and of the early days of Christ Church School.

The presentation was given by our Head & Deputy Boys and Girls.

All the fun of the fair...


In the afternoon, our birthday celebrations continued with a Victorian Christmas influenced school fair in the playground.

The fair was organised by our lovely parents, who came together to choose stalls and to find all of the resources to make these successful. Although it was a cold afternoon, everyone agreed we had a great day!

...and we made the headlines!

Please look at The Kilburn Times to see around-up of our 130th celebration.

Link below...

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