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Hello Penguin Class,

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you enjoy the challenges for today.

We look forward to seeing your learning on Tapestry soon.

Have fun and take care.

Miss Kramer and Mrs Cullinane

1. Maths - Playing magical counting games

2. Literacy - Act out the story of Max the Brave

Can you use your puppet to retell the story? Maybe you could make a monster from bricks to help you retell the story?

3. Phonics - Alliteration - z



Can you play the I spy game. What sound do all the objects begin with?

Can you invent a story about all the objects beginning with z?

For example: Zara the zebra zig-zagged to the zoo.

Can you think of or find anything in your home that begins with or has the z sound?

Does your name have the z sound in it?


Challenge: Have a go at writing z

4. Monster Yoga

Click on the picture.

Head to our Video Resource Centre under the 'Children' tab to see exciting videos from today's Science show...


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