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In partnership with parents and the local community we aim to build and encourage our pupils’ aspirations and give them the skills and learning experiences to achieve them. - Ms Donaldson, Headteacher

Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament Representatives 2016-17


Year Group Girl Boy
Year 1 Nandi Jayden
Year 2 Carolyne Eskander
Year 3 Margen Ali
Year 4 Kar Yan Amenny
Year 5 Ivana Matas
Year 6 Amy L 



Pupil Parliament Representatives 2015-16


Year Group Girl Boy
Year 1 Gillian Omar
Year 2 Arriane Kwadwo
Year 3 Khadijah Rhys
Year 4 Shianne Yassir
Year 5 Amy M Kai
Year 6 Ariah Cyrus