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Year 4 - Phoenix

National Windrush Day


This week we are celebrating 71 years since Windrush brought hundreds of people from the Caribbean to live in the UK. After World War Two, Caribbean people who had served in the British army were encouraged to come to Britain and help to rebuild the UK. Most of the passengers came from Jamaica but there were also people from Tinidad, Tobago and Bermuda!


Even though these people supported the UK during the war, many of the migrants faced discrimination and racism in Britain and were not treated with the respect that they deserved.


We celebrate Windrush Day to recognise the hardships that the Windrush Generation endured and to celebrate the fantastic contributions that they have made to help make the country a better place!


Have a go at some of these activities to help us mark the day and email us your great work! We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Welcome to Phoenix Class!




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Homework is sent out on Wednesday and is due back to school on the Monday of the following week.

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Want to practice your times tables so you can beat your score in our weekly tests?

Then try these fun games!



Here are the links to the fun times tables songs we sing in class:

2 x tables:

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6 x tables:

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11 x tables:

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End of Year Expectations

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