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Tech - Free Friday

Welcome to 'Tech-Free Friday'!


We all know that these last few months have been a little 'different'.

With that said, we are all using our laptops, tablets and mobile phones far more than before. Therefore, we are now introducing 'Tech-Free Friday's'. 

It is important that we keep the balance of 'screen time' right.


Each week, I will be posting some 'off screen' activities that you or even the whole family can participate in to have a break from the intense pressure of remote learning. 


I hope you ALL enjoy :)



Friday 26.02.21 

You can choose from the following: 

Dance to your favourite songs. 


Go on a safe walk with a family member. 



Build a den in your house or garden. 



Enjoy and Happy Friday!

SCHOOL FULLY OPENS ON MARCH 8th... PLEASE SEE Parents > 8th March: School re-opening for video and Power Point presentation for details...


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