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Have a look at some of the projects submitted in our annual summer science fair!

Take a look at what we got up to during our Autumn term Science Week.... the theme was Engineering...

EYFS did some cooking.
They made chapatis.
Mrs Patel helped.
Year 1 designed their own class mobile.
No, not THAT kind of mobile...
A hanging mobile!
Year 3 were given a challenge...
To make the tallest tower out of...
only marshmallows and spaghetti!
Year 4 did some building.
They build the three little pigs houses.
Do you like their designs?
Year 6 made some pop up books.
Which is your favourite?
Our engineering skills are amazing!





Last week, Miss Freedman and Mrs Patel attended the Primary Science Quality Mark awards. On behalf of Christ Church, Miss Freedman picked up our second award (having previously received one two years ago) - this award celebrates all the wonderful scientific learning we undertake at school and at home. 


Thank you to the amazing staff at Christ Church and to all the parents for your support.

We hope you enjoyed our summer fair!

Welcome to our summer term science week! Zoo lab visited us and brought with them some friends...

Science Week - March 2018 - Polar Explorer theme

Neil Pepper, an arctic explorer, visited us.
He showed us what explorers needs to wear.
He taught us how the dogs are trained.
What to do if you see a bear!
He showed us some animal bones.
This is a whale bone!


Years 3,4,5 & 6 spoke to engineer, Gert Behrmann.
This is Gert!
He was all the way in Antarctica!
He is an engineer on RRS James Clark Ross.

Fancy doing some experiments at home? Check out these links:



Whole School Science Topics

School reopens for children on Monday 7th September... staggered entry times and distancing measures are in place to ensure continued safety... please see the Parents page for further details...


Class of the Week

  • Y6 - Sisserou Class 99.1%

Current Totals

  • Nursery 85.6%
  • Reception 86.5%
  • Year 1 95.9%
  • Year 2 93.7%
  • Year 3 94.2%
  • Year 4 95.7%
  • Year 5 95%
  • Year 6 95.9

Overall School

  • Weekly: 95.3% Year to date: 95.2%

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Class Points

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1 - Flamingo
  • Year 2 - Kingfisher
  • Year 3 – Quetzal
  • Year 4 - Phoenix
  • Year 5 - Hummingbird
  • Year 6 – Sisserou