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RSE consultation

RSE Consultation Process


Dear Parents,


With the changes to the National Curriculum, all schools in England are now obliged to teach Relationships & Sex Education across the school.


With this in mind, please click on the video link below to hear how Christ Church (Brondesbury) CE Primary School will teach this element of the curriculum through our statutory PSHE and Science learning.


After watching the video, please send any of your thoughts on our RSE curriculum & Policy via the "Contact us" function on the website. This is in order for us to hear your views on what we are being asked to teach. I will respond to your comments in person as soon as I can following any submissions.


The closing date for submissions will be 30th September. After this point, our final policy and curriculum will be on the website and this is what we will be working from.


The video below is fairly long - 46 minutes and contains a lot of information. You may wish to watch it in small sessions and return to it in order to process all of the information which is being presented.


With best wishes and warm regards,


Mr Kelly


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