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Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration


On Friday 27th May, we celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee here at Christ Church School.


In the morning, our Key Stage 2 children went along to St. Anne's Church where we met Bishop Lusa, the newly appointed Bishop of Willesden, who joined us in a celebration of prayers and thoughts to mark the Queen's reign.

Bishop Lusa and his friends then joined us at school for lunch with the children before they carried on with their walking pilgrimage around Willesden.


In the afternoon, we opened up the school to our parents and held a tea party for the Queen. The children (and then some parents...) joined in by taking part in a vintage-based sports event hosted by the wonderful Mr. Holness.


Have a look at the photographs below - I'm sure you will agree, we had a wonderful celebration and everyone had a happy Jubilee day together.

Children reading at Church

BIshop Lusa of Willesden

Lovely food - donated and enjoyed by the parents

Vintage Sports Day - Thank you Mr. Holness!

Spectators at the sports

R.E. Holy Week Art Work display


Just before we broke for Easter, our children took part in an R.E. themed day, where they learned about the events of Holy Week. 

In each learning activity, the children responded in different ways to the stories which they heard - by writing newspaper reports, by making crosses, or by making links to their art-week themes.

All of the children agreed this was a very enjoyable and worthwhile day... and they were able to retell a lot of the Holy Week story from Palm Sunday until Jesus died on the cross.

Below, you can see the amazing results of their learning on the day.


Logo-Lift-Off Science Competition


Well done to Adam from Year 6 who independently entered the Logo Lift-Off competition with his logo below. This design won the South-East England Regional finals and will now be entered into the National finals. 

The winning design from the National Finals will appear on an actual spaceship which will be launched into outer space.


Adam's logo shows a satellite holding the earth which is melting due to climate change.

KS1 Choir and KS2 choir

singing with Mrs Melo from Brent Music Service

6th December 2021

See the Video Resource Centre for videos of this event.

Christ Church Year 5

attending the Remembrance Service in  Paddington Cemetery 

11th Nov 2021


Our Year 5 children joined others from Salusbury and Islamia schools with Mother Christine at Paddington Cemetery on 11th November to remember those people of our parish who had given their lives in the 2 great wars.

Black History Month

"Our Black Heroes" Speeches


This month, the children across Key Stage 2 have been researching Black heroes. They have made some fantastic presentations and turned these into speeches.

On Thursday 21st October, the children who were voted as best speakers from each class presented their arguments as to why their subjects should be heroes to the whole school. 


Well done to our public speakers! They presented clearly and gave good arguments for their Black History Month heroes!

Off to Space


Well done to this young chap for his creative home-learning. What a model for the next generation of space exploration. Look out NASA, the space race is on!

International Food Celebration


Following our Harvest Festival, we had an international food celebration at Christ Church school.

From the photos below, you can see all of our community enjoying time together and sharing food from around the world.


Thank you to all those families who contributed.


What a fantastic way to bring our community together out of lockdown.

Harvest Celebration at Christ Church


On Friday 8th October, our school went to Christ Church for the first time in almost 2 years.

We went along to celebrate the harvest and to live out our school vision by showing compassion for those members of our community who do not have enough food. 


We sang, we prayed, we donated food and everyone agreed it was a fantastic first celebration together.


Have a look at our photos below.

Democracy in Action at Christ Church School


Today our children showed the British value of Democracy as we headed to the polls to vote for our new Head Girl & Head Boy.

On Monday we had the hustings speeches, where each of the candidates tried to persuade us to vote for them.


The successful candidates will lead this year's Pupil Parliament and will be chosen to represent the school in various duties throughout the year.



Year6 v Staff

Benchball & Rounders


To help round off the term, our staff challenged the Year 6 children to show off their sporting prowess in a game of rounders and a game of benchball.


As you can see, there was much fun to be had by all...


As for the scores... it was a draw - 1 game each.

...not to forget the wonderful spectators...

Year 6 fun at Sayers Croft 2021


This week our intrepid explorers from Year 6 are spending some time at Sayers Croft residential centre in Surrey. 

Are they enjoying themselves and learning lots?

We will leave you to be the judges...

For videos of the children's exploits, head to our Video Resource Centre under the Children's tab.

Science Week(s)


Over the past 2 weeks, our children have been undertaking interesting Science projects with research, experiments and... just lots of fun learning. 

Below, you can see examples of the learning they have been engaged in...

Early Years - There's a hole in my bucket

Year 1 - There's a hole in my bucket

Year 2 - There's a hole in my bucket

Back to school


It is so lovely to see all of our children back to school from March 8th after such a long time off due to the national lockdown.

It hasn't affected them one bit, it would seem as everyone has returned showing excellent learning behaviours!


Well done Christ Church - as always, you're making us proud!

KS2 Samba party


Please click on the link below to see how the KS2 bubble got on with their samba lesson in music today with Mrs. Melo.


Our attendance has started to drop again... please ensure you bring your child to school every day unless they are extremely ill... any illness must be reported to the school office on the first day of absence before 9am...


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