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Year 4 - Phoenix

Welcome to Phoenix Class!




- Homework -

Homework is sent out on Wednesday and is due back to school on the Monday of the following week.

If your child has a valid reason for not submitting their homework, please contact their class teacher to inform them.


Curriculum Map - Spring 1

Curriculum Map - Autumn 2



Want to practice your times tables so you can beat your score in our weekly tests?

Then try these fun games!



Here are the links to the fun times tables songs we sing in class:

2 x tables:

3 x tables:

4 x tables:

5 x tables:

6 x tables:

7 x tables:

8 x tables:

9 x tables:

10 x tables:


Coming soon...

11 x tables:

12 x tables:


End of Year Expectations

Latest news: Friday 1st Feb... School is OPEN as normal today... the weather should be clearing through the day... transport links are working... the school is warm and dry... please ensure your child has a dry pair of shoes or slippers to wear inside today... school is OPEN as normal...


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