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Head Boy and Head Girl

Well done to Samara and Dylan, Year 6,  who were voted Head Girl and Head Boy !

Amy L and Jaice were elected Pupil Parliament !


Amy M and Kai were awarded with the positions of Vice Head Girl and Vice Head Boy.


More from our Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy ,Vice Head Girl and Pupil Parliament soon ! 


Our Head Boy, Head Girl team

Our Head Boy, Head Girl team 1
Our Head Boy, Head Girl team 2
Our Head Boy, Head Girl team 3
Our Head Boy, Head Girl team 4

Dylan McNeill, Head Boy


Hello my name is Dylan McNeill and I am Head Boy. To start off I was Pupil Parliament in year 4 .Also in year 5 I was JTA and I helped the school to achieve the gold award and we got it! In addition I was Library Monitor in year 5 and it was really fun-as you can see I’m very active in the school! I have a really good personality because I’m happy, funny, fun and cheerful but sometimes I’m serious. If you vote me for Head Boy I will make new clubs and events, new competitions, improve our Summer Fair and lots more! So vote me for Head Boy. Finally before you choose one of us to be Head Boy just think for a second and think about who you should vote for. A Head Boy or Girl has to be a good example to the School and to the School and others outside of the School.

Samara Anderson, Head Girl


Hello, I am Samara Anderson and Head Girl. I have achieved a lot over the period of time I have been at Christ Church such as: Pupil Parliament, Christian Value, JTA and Bike It Crew.


Personally, I have seen the school improve enormously but I have something else to offer to it. Seeing past Head Girls make big decisions makes me more determined to do it myself. I will make sure that everybody’s voices are heard in situations such as what new clubs we get. Everybody has a right to make their own decisions.


Remember who I am doing this for; not myself, not for the teachers, not for the parents, this is for you. We are all different in our own ways but we are a community and we do things together. Want your say. Vote my way!

Term Dates for 2018-19 and 2019-20 are now published. Please see Key Information - Term Dates, or ask at the school office.


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