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Visitors to our school are always welcome; please do come along to experience the uniqueness of Christ Church. We are fully committed to developing the whole child. The quality of our teaching is always good or better.


Welcome to the gallery! The Writer of the Week and Spotlight on Art are changed on a weekly basis.


Please enjoy browsing the children’s work.

The Library

At Christ Church, we are always looking out for wonderful writing. Every week, one child in the school is chosen by their teacher as the ‘writer of the week’. Their work is displayed in the front foyer for the entire school and our visitors to read.

Art in the school hall

Art in the school hall 1
Art in the school hall 2
Art in the school hall 3
Art in the school hall 4
Art in the school hall 5
Art in the school hall 6

Take One Picture - 2014

Displays around school

Displays around school 1
Displays around school 2
Displays around school 3
Displays around school 4
Displays around school 5
Displays around school 6

Displays in Early Years