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After School Clubs

We have the following after-school clubs at Christ Church Brondesbury:

  • Multi-Skills: This after school club consists of mini games within different sports so the children can learn about all sports, build on their hand eye co ordination skills and agility.
  • Tennis Club: This club is made to build on the children's tennis skills by learning different racket and ball skills, which also builds on their hand eye co ordinations skills. Leading up to, the understanding of the rules of tennis and also playing competitive matches against each other.
  • Hockey Club: In this club the children learn about different hockey skills whilst using real wooden hockey sticks and plastic ones. This will teach the children different abilities such as agility, stamina and ball control.
  • Football Club: This club teaches basic to advanced football skills and foot work. It will also help build the children's stamina, agility, ball control, teamwork, strength and decision making.
  • Multi-Sports: This club consists of all different sports. This will teach the children to learn and play all sports instead of just ones they like and they will learn how to play matches in all of these sports.
  • Website Club: In website club the children design and create content using a variety of software that is uploaded to the school website to keep it fresh and relevant. We also allow them to make changes to the student-focused pages and teach them about more general Internet and website concepts such as visitors, hits and e-safety.
  • Spanish Club: The aim of Spanish club is to introduce the children to the Spanish language at an early age. The children will learn a lot of words and phrases using various means such as songs and games.
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